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People who have become homeless have been forced in many ways to disconnect with society. There are simply too many fears and insecurities to face each day, and let's face it when you are trying to find shelter for your kids, community service is not high on the list of to do's.  

Once a family or individual is living at the Mission, they begin to work with a case manger to help set goals and find permanent housing. One of the most important things we can do is help those people begin to get involved in the community. They are encouraged to attend worship services, classes to finish high school diploma, community groups, and to volunteer. Giving back, even when it seems you have little to give creates a positive attitude and willingness to become involved.

It is a myth that poor and homeless people do not work.  More than 6 million of our nation's poor work full time. Often,  minimum wage jobs do not allow families affordable housing, child care, and food security.  

With a decrease in affordable housing and an increase in inflation and standard of living, the rural poor have a tough time making ends meet. Add to that the recent decrease in jobs an even greater number are only hanging on paycheck to paycheck.  Even the smallest unexpected event or illness is enough to put them  on the street. 

The old idea that people are homeless because they are lazy is simply untrue. Families once considered middle class have recently experienced job loss, and home foreclosures.  Many, while searching for jobs, have found themselves with no place to live. 


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