Men's Transitional House​
Our beginning in 2004 led us by 2006 to realize a transitional housing program for homeless men in recovery from alcoholism or substance abuse was the best way to affect real change.  The Meeting Place provides housing, meals, counseling, job placement, and referral to other services. The Meeting Place currently uses 3 locations to transition residents into permanent housing.


Families Adjusting Changing and Evolving Safely (FACES), is our Family Transitional housing program. Our families come to us after living in cars, couch surfing with friends /family, living in tents/ tarp shelters, and even more dangerous situations. 

We do not just give people housing; we work with them so they can provide their OWN homes. While they move toward this goal, they are guests in our houses. Since 2010, FACES has been continually filled, and one of our most successful programs.

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The Meeting Place Mission provides assistance to all that come to our doors. The homeless are helped on a  first come, first served  basis because unfortunately space is limited.  By providing much needed funds you allow more people the opportunity to end their homelessness. 

Your donations also help provide alternative assistance and contacts to anyone we cannot directly serve.

We  work closely with other like-minded organizations in order to ensure physical, mental, legal, social, educational, recovery, and spiritual needs are attended.

Our programs operate on a four point plan: Extensive Assessment, Developing Plan of Action, Accountability, Goal Maintenance. All parts of the plan are overseen by our case manager and staff. 

Women & Children's Emergency Shelter

The emergency shelter provides a safe night's stay for women and children who have nowhere to go.

When someone checks into the shelter we provide a good meal and a clean bed. We give each person a clean set of pajamas to wear after they shower. This allows us to launder their clothes overnight. In the morning they leave  after breakfast with a hearty snack wearing clean clothes. 

What is a night stay?
A Night Stay is counted as 1 person per 1 night. So if the shelter had 10 people last night, that counts as 10 night stays