Thanks For Your Support!


Ongoing Supply Needs:

 Paper Towels

Toilet Tissue
 Laundry Detergent
 Dishwasher Tabs
 Cleaning Supplies:  Clorox, Pine Sol, Lysol, Hand Sanitizer, etc.
 Medium and large trash bags

We can now accept donations through Venmo! Sign in to your Venmo account and add us! @MeetingPlace-Mission

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Donate Directly & Securely Below

Simply go to the Bloomin' Bucks site, select The Meeting Place Mission from the drop down menu and start shopping.  A generous 25% of your purchase will support our mission to end homelessness and you get GREAT flowers in the process. 

​Other Ways You Can Support Us : 

Help Supply Current Needs

If you would like to purchase any of the following, it would be greatly appreciated. 

You can purchase supplies and drop them by, arrange for us to pick them up, or even have them delivered.  

Supplies can be dropped at our office M-Th between 9:00-3:00.  

Shelter items can also be dropped at the shelter between 6:30 and 7:30pm nightly.  To arrange pick up please call our office 828-432-5659. 

Amazon also has a Subscribe & Save program - you simply pick, pay, and the item is delivered on a schedule you choose directly to the shelter. 

Be sure to go through your Amazon Smile account to help even more!

Text 1Night to 44-321


* Volunteer to help our FACES Families budget and plan a weekly menu

* Hold an Undies and Socks Drive in your Sunday School Class

* Host a Dinner Giving Party  for your friends

*  Volunteer to Run Errands once a month

* Make Travel Kits with hotel size shampoo soap and lotion in zip bags

* Become our Extreme Couponer!

* Create your own unique way to help using your gifts and talents


* Host a Speaker in your group, class, or club.

​* Ask your favorite eatery to  display  our brochures for a week.

* Share our Facebook and website with friends.

*  Write or call your local representatives about the issues of poverty and homelessness. 

​*  Write an editorial for the newspaper.

* Discuss us with your coworkers.


How important is your gift?  What will it really accomplish?  Does a small gift even matter?

There is no gift that is too small.

A $5 donation  can do wonderful things:  

            * $5 buys a new pillow

            * $5 provides pencils and paper for                           school

             * $5 buys dish soap for 3 weeks

             *  $5 buys new underwear

Imagine the difference $5 a month or $5 a week will make.  

It is important  you know your donation counts, that your money helps change lives.   Whether you are a five dollar philanthropist or a five thousand dollar philanthropist  your compassion is reflected in the daily work of helping families and individuals break the cycle of homelessness.