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*If you are in crisis, homeless, or at imminent risk of homelessness, please contact us at 828-432-5659*

Ending the  cycle of homelessness,  is a collaborative effort underpinned by a compassionate community dedicated to improving the lives of others.  At The Meeting Place Mission we believe we live in such a community. 

Mission Statement: To end the cycle of homelessness we provide hope & opportunity to men, women and children through shelter, transition and recovery. 

 Dee's Story
Individual Success is measured often in the smallest steps. There isn’t always a huge payoff at the end, or a parade, or even a celebration. Sometimes there is nothing more than a long deep breath and the knowledge that for just this moment, everything is all right.

Dee is a young mother of three great little boys. They love their mom and she does a fine job parenting them. Because Dee is a single parent, and underemployed she lives with her mother. Dee’s mom occasionally chooses to live a lifestyle that is actually dangerous for her grandchildren. In the past, Dee was forced to couch surf or even sleep in the car with the boys. This winter all that changed. Dee came to the Women & Children’s Shelter.

Dee and her boys have spent many nights at the shelter when things are not safe at her Mom’s. Staying at the shelter has also given her an opportunity to find out about living on her own, and moving toward that goal. Dee still has a way to go until independence, and while she is moving forward, she has the safety of the Shelter, and the relationships she is building to help her. Is Dee a success? We think so because sometimes a long deep breath and knowing there is a light at the end of the tunnel is enough.