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With a decrease in affordable housing and an increase in inflation and standard of living, the rural poor have a tough time making ends meet. Add to that the recent decrease in jobs an even greater number are only hanging on paycheck to paycheck. Even the smallest unexpected event or illness is enough to put them on the street. The old idea that people are homeless because they are lazy is simply untrue. Families once considered middle class have recently experienced job loss, and home foreclosures. Many, while searching for jobs, have found themselves with no place to live.

Once a family or individual is living at the Mission, they begin to work with a case manger to help set goals and find permanent housing. One of the most important things we can do is help those people begin to get involved in the community. They are encouraged to attend worship services, classes to finish high school diploma, community groups, and to volunteer. Giving back, even when it seems you have little to give creates a positive attitude and willingness to become involved.

The Meeting Place Mission provides assistance to all that come to our doors. The homeless are helped on a first come, first served basis because unfortunately space is limited. By providing much needed funds you allow more people the opportunity to end their homelessness.
Your donations also help provide alternative assistance and contacts to anyone we cannot directly serve.
We work closely with other like-minded organizations in order to ensure physical, mental, legal, social, educational, recovery, and                                  spiritual needs are attended.

Our programs operate on a four point plan:

Extensive Assessment

Developing Plan of Action,


Goal Maintenance

All parts of the plan are overseen by our team including the director, case manager and peer support specialist.

Suzy Fitzgerald Emergency Shelter

The emergency shelter provides a safe night’s stay for single women, mothers/fathers with children who have nowhere to go.

This service is available from 6:30 PM - 8:00 AM nightly on a first come fist serve basis. When someone checks into the shelter for a night stay we provide a clean bed, a hot shower, laundry services, hot meals and connection to resources unique to their needs.

Transitional Housing

The Meeting Place currently uses 3 locations for transitional housing until permanent housing is available.  We provide housing, utilities, case management, and peer support to ensure successful transition to permanent                      housing within 6 months. We keep the locations private for our clients privacy and success.                                                                                                    

If you could benefit using a transitional housing program     call 828-432-5659.

Finding Home

For 20 years we have continued to assist thousands of individuals and families with shelter through hope and opportunity to the ultimate goal of permanent housing.

“Finding Home” our Rapid Re-Housing (RRH) program quickly ends people’s homelessness by helping them find and move into a home in their community. Once back in housing, people are in a better position to address other challenges that may have led to their homelessness.

"I was 38 years old when I got my first place all to myself for myself!"

T. Morgan

"The Meeting Place staff were so supportive from the time I came to them off the street, they offered me a safe space to stay, help me get my job and I’m saving money now to move in my place next month."

B. Jackson

"When my husband got out of the hospital, he found out he couldn’t go back to work for 3 months. I was so scared we were going to loose our house. Jessica answered our prayers and was there within a few days to help us talk to our landlord and get our budget right so we would be okay.                                                                               Rapid Re housing is no joke, call today and they will help."

R. Byers


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